The bed Bubba Ferris slept on was made of foam rubber; whenever he rolled over, the side he left stood up and followed him to the other side. What finally woke him was not the bright summer sun that shone so brightly through a window across the room, but the cigarette smoke that drifted about and hovered above him. It interfered with his breath and caught in his throat to stifle him.

Bubba shifted about in the hope that he could find a pocket of clear air somewhere—in the canyon of an elbow and chest, beneath the pillow; there was not one. So reluctantly, he finally got up and sat on the side of the bed, careful not to open his eyes too suddenly; wanting terribly to postpone the pain that would certainly come once he ripped the lids of his matted eyes open to face the starkness of reality.

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Off Magazine Street (San Francisco: MacAdam Cage, 2004).  Used as the basis for the film, "Love Song for Bobby Long," directed by Shainee Gabel and starring John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson; featuring the music of Grayson Capps (DVD release date:  April 2005).

Il libro di Rose, Traduzione di Sebastiano Pezzani, Mattioli 1885 S.p.A., Strada della Lodesana, 649 sx - Loc. Vaio, 43036 Fidenza PR, Italy.

Breezes That Stay (forthcoming by Ronald Everett Capps)

Short Stories (forthcoming by Ronald Everett Capps).

Off: Thoughts & Ideas from Manic Depressives by Ronald Everett Capps

Janet L. DeCosmo, Ronald Everett Capps - Writer, Sculptor, Painter: Water Hole Branch Artists' Collective (Blurb.Com, 2010).

Textures and Colors of Water Hole Branch, Photographs by Janet L. DeCosmo (Blurb.Com, 2010).

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