Former educator Ronald Everett Capps writes, sculpts and paints. His literary works have been published in Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese. A major motion picture, "A Love Song for Bobby Long," starring John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson, was based on his novel, Off Magazine Street (MacAdam/Cage, 2004). Along with his novels, short stories, essays and non-fiction work, he creates mobile and stationary sculpture that has been exhibited internationally. He took up painting as a diversion from writing and has produced and sold a variety of off-beat abstracts and impressionistic works.

A graduate of Auburn University, Capps lives in Fairhope, Alabama. Founder of the Water Hole Branch International Artists' Collective*, his finest achievement is the raising of his son, Grayson Capps, poet and musician extraordinaire (see

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Former Alabama teachers of literature on the loose in New Orleans, Byron Burns and Bobby Long seem to be sliding into a drunken oblivion until Hannah, the teen-age daughter of a recently-deceased friend, suddenly and sullenly shows up in their lives. The novel explores the uneasy relationship among the three as the two men can’t help but steer Hannah’s unformed but substantial intellect toward academic success. "More than a tale of redemption, this novel is a lesson in compassion. Without discarding those who have slipped from the moorings of acceptable social mores, Capps challenges us to look deeper, into that vast reservoir of humanity where there is a home for all."--Luan Gaines, Curled Up With a Good Book (

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